The Mayor (Mike Kolka Jr): He is the driver. The spirit of the family. His hard work and dedication has pushed everyone.  Get to know him.

Dan is one of our newest family members. He and his family owed business have been a great addition. Need some electrical work done feel free to contact him.

Sherry makes sure our tire guru Mark is happy and healthy all while cheering and keeping the mayors wife calm.  Get to know her.

The Mayors Wife (Jessica Kolka): She is the backbone to our family. Her honesty keeps us all focused.  Get to know her.

Along with our racing family, we have sisters and brother in-laws along with nieces and nephews.

Bridget and her husband Dave. Their 3 children, Anthony, Marissa and Joey

Liz and her husband Sean. Their two boys Sean and Brady.

Bev and her boyfriend Adreil.  Her 2 daughters Erin and Tabby.

Dad (Mike Kolka): He is the nuts and bolts to our family. His hard work has brought us so much success on and off the track. Get to know him.

Fran, has been a part of the family for decades, lol.  He can take credit for giving mike the name "The Mayor".  Fran is always around when needed and willing to take on the hard tasks. Get to know him

The Mayors girls, Reilly and Kaileigh. They have grown to support us and have fun being kids!  Watch for them at the races.

Brett, our energy!  With his energy he helps getting all the nuts and bolts completed and ready for each race.  Get to know him

Brianna makes our family smile with her love and passion for dirt racing. She has become a super fan and continues to grow and love the sport. Get to know her.

Mom (Betty Kolka): She is the heart and sole to our family! From feeding the crew to balancing the books, she does it all.  Get to know her.

John has been a family member for some time now. He and his wife Laura have been a great addition and enjoy every moment.  Need some painting or other home repairs feel free to contact him.

Uncle Ritchie. He is the one that started it all. From his racing days to now, he has given our family the support and knowledge that is needed to be successful. Make sure you say hello when he is in town during OCFS annual nostalgia night and Eastern States Weekend.

Greg and his wife Donna from County Coach have been a part of our family for almost 10 years now!  If you need a coach for your event feel free to contact them.

Heart of gold! Mark makes sure that the tires and shocks are ready for each race.  Without his dedication to our family and his we would not be as strong.  Get to know him.